In 1848, Colonel Modesto Mendez and Ambrosio Tut, Administrator and Governor of Petén respectively, performed the first official survey of the site.

To this day, the mapped and surveyed area totals about 16 square kilometers, where almost 4000 different structures are located. The first signs of occupation date back to the year 800 BC, during the Middle Pre-Classic period. The last buildings found are from the late Classic period (900 AD). The 1500 consecutive years of occupation were characterized by a civilization with a rich cultural, artistic, architectural, urban, mathematical, astronomical, agricultural and commercial development. The site has been the cause of international scientific admiration and interest.

The most important archeological Mayan sites are all located in Petén, including the following:
  • Tikal

  • Uaxactun

  • Ceibal

  • Aguateca, Punta Chimino

  • Tamarindito, El Duende, Arroyo de Piedras, Dos Pilas

  • Yaxhá, Topoxte

  • El Naranjo

  • Cancuen

  • El Zotz

  • El Mirador